How Does This End?

I often think about relationships and life and wonder, how will this all end?

I’m definitely a “future” thinker – meaning that most of my thinking effort is spent looking forward to the bigger picture. I do understand how my past has helped shape my present situation and will influence my future, but I don’t spend much time thinking about the past in detail. It doesn’t behoove you to use your time, energy and resources looking backwards. Life is meant to be lived forward.

I like to think of it in terms of a rear view mirror in my car. The mirror serves a very important purpose and perhaps the best use of it comes from the fact that at a quick glance we can remember how we got here. However, it does not propel us forward in our destinations and too much time spent looking in the rearview mirror can cause you to miss your exit or your stop or that beautiful flower garden on the side of the road (life’s opportunities) or even worse, cause you to miss the signals and run into objects in front of you, like a another car, a ditch or a major pothole (life’s warning signs).

So, glance to your past for a reminder that this life is a journey and you started somewhere, probably waaay back there. But more importantly keep your eyes in front of you – following the path, noticing the opportunities and avoiding mishaps – that are all part of your divine story.


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