Feel the Music

As life, err my Story, plays out, I am reminded of how blessed I am for my family, the supporting cast of my Story. I consider myself one of the blessed ones, a girl who always had a great role model, a motivator, supporter, encourager and best friend, my mom. I could rave about my mom for posts and posts and posts (as I am sure she will be the topic of many) but one of the things that I am most thankful about is the fact that she let me experience and discover as a child and teen. People often ask if I played sports or what hobbies I had as a child and when I think about it, there’s almost nothing I did not try. It all started with dance, but at one time or another I was involved in gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, softball, basketball, riding horses, singing, talent shows, beauty pageants (oh boy, don’t ask for these pictures please), guitar lessons, saxophone and one that didn’t pan out so well, drawing…

I’m sure I am leaving some things out, but all that to say I am now enrolling in piano lessons. If nothing else, to add to my list of things I’ve experienced. I’m not expert at any of them, but I prefer it that way. I think it gives me a wider world view and helps me to appreciate other perspectives and have a better understanding of people in general. I haven’t been an official student in a few years but I am definitely excited for this new adventure and all thanks to my mom for encouraging a learning spirit in me to be free enough to just go for it.

Until next time….I’ll be tickling the ivories

Thanks mom – love you.


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