The Other Side

I often think about how there are multiple perspectives of the same thing. Let’s say you and I are sitting across from each other at a table. In the middle of the table is a basket of bread (side note…I LOVE BREAD). We will both agree that we see a basket of bread and we will agree that the basket is brown and there are 3 slices of bread laying inside of the basket. We will both be ok with that statement because as is, its totally true. However, if I gave a detailed description of what I saw, I might say:

Version A: The brown basket, holding three pieces of bread is sitting in the middle of the table. However, its not exactly in the middle, it’s actually a little left of the middle and slightly closer to my side. I see the brown rough edges of the whole wheat bread as the three pieces are stacked, one on top of the other. The smallest piece is buried underneath the largest piece, which is in the middle of the stack. The piece on top is what I would called the medium of the three. 

Simple enough, right. However, this little basket of bread may have a completely different description if I were to switch seats with you. It may be something like this:

Version B: The brown basket has quite a few scratches on it. It looks like it may have been one of the first baskets in this 30 year old restaurant. It gives it character. The other side of the basket looked new though, I didnt notice any marks on it. The basket is sitting a little right of my middle and a little closer to the other side of the table. I’m not sure what kind of bread is in the basket but there are three pieces. It looks like the smallest piece is on the top of, then biggest piece, then medium on the bottom.


Ok, so using bread at a dinner table may be a bit simplistic, but the truth of the message is the same. We all have a different point of view with everything that we experience in life (even if we agree that we are seeing the same thing). It’s important to try to understand the other point of view, even if you may not always agree. Here’s a poem that I wrote about the human experience of seeing the other side, understanding another perspective… Enjoy.


“The Other Side”


Learn to see the other side,

And it will see you too.

To understand another,

Is just what’s expected of you.


To agree or not to agree,

is neither here nor there.

But rather to see from a different angle,

And to be willing to relinquish your stare.


Learn to see the other side,

Because it surely does exist.

But when this you fail to recognize,

Dissension you enlist.


The world is not comprised,

Of just yourself and you.

The others that you love,

Wish for you to see them too.


Ask Yourself: How often do I really try to understand someone else’s perspective?


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