The Hill

So, C and I live in a house, on a street, up a hill. The hill is steep, especially when you run or as I found out, bike it up. I always keep track of my heart rate when I exercise and this trek up the hill had my heart pounding through my chest. This was a great way to get in some cardio on an overcast, cool July morning. As I switched gears on my bike, the chains shifted around, allowing me to pedal faster and exert less energy (to prevent me from passing out).

I thought to myself, I think I’ll only do this hill once, then do something else. This wasnt all that fun.

I made it to the top of the hill which is actually the dead end of the street, literally, it drops off into a ravine. I slowly turned my bike around to head back to the house and I noticed, wow, this is a big hill. I took a deep breath, understanding the laws of gravity and how they would help me on my way doooowwwwn the hill, but I no idea just what was about to happen. As I straddled my bike, I positioned my hands on the handlebars, lightly cupping my fingers over the hand brakes, my feet were securely fixed on the bike pedals and I headed downhill.

The feeling that came over my body as the cool morning air blew against my face was captivating. About halfway down the hill, I realized that I hadn’t moved my feet, they were in the same exact position as when I first mounted the bike at the top of the hill. I was cruising! An unconscious smile manifested itself as I glanced down at my heart rate monitor to read 110, I was relaxed, not exerting much energy and LOVING the feeling of the ride down. This was almost as much fun as I had recently swinging on a swing at the beach. I felt free, like a kid on a bike 🙂

So, what do you think I did when I reached the bottom of the hill? Yes, I turned my bike around and make the trek up the steep hill all over again. I knew it was a tough ride, I knew my breathing would become labored, my heart would be racing, I would be sweating and gritting my teeth as I pedaled this two-wheeled vehicle to the top. I did this without a second thought. Why? All because I looked forward to the freeing ride down.

Moral is: we are willing to do the work, the hard stuff for the things that we enjoy. This was a great analogy for me as I think about the bigger principles of life and how I spend my time. Finding that thing that you love to do makes the “hard work” seem like nothing at all.

May you find that wind-in-your-face experience in order that your work and your days spent pedaling uphill lead you to satisfaction and bliss. HAPPY RIDING!



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