Define Your Discomfort

Discomfort shows up in our Story in myriad of ways. It can be physical, mental, psychological, financial, spiritual, etc. etc. Many times our discomfort permeates multiple facets of our lives, causing great difficulty for us to put our finger on exactly the root, or cause, of the manifested uneasiness. While it is important to dissect the discomfort, this post is to shed light another perspective of this negative thing that shows up in our lives.

Have you ever stubbed your big toe? I mean, really really stubbed it? HARD? Probably so. Just in case you are in the .0001% who hasn’t….It HURTS!! I was very accident prone as a child and there were multiple occasions that I can remember where I stubbed my toe or slammed a school desk onto my toe or broke my finger just walking… I dont know how those things happen, but they do. Thankfully not as much anymore, but I have had my share of minor injuries, including stubbed toes.

The point is, you know how much it hurts but also at that time, you realize how much you appreciate your whole, non-hurt toe. Perhaps there is a bigger lesson here. While much of the discomfort that we experience is self-inflicted, more emphasis should be placed on defining your discomfort instead of simply illuminating it. Meaning, if we took the time to reflect on ourselves during these down times of uneasy feelings, I believe we can generate a purpose for these not-so-pleasant experiences.

If you are finding yourself in a state of discomfort, take a minute to define it.

1. How do I feel in this state?

2. How does it affect other areas of my life?

3. How can I learn from this experience?

Inevitably, you will bounce back and feel whole again but knowing that your discomfort is a human universal experience that you can define and learn from will ultimately help you to see through the unfortunate events of now to hope of a better tomorrow. Just food for thought…



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