What do you want?

That’s an easy enough question, right? Sure, the question may be easy, but the answer doesn’t always come so effortlessly.

We are faced with this question pretty much all day, every day. What time do you want to get up, what do you want to wear? What do you want to eat, what do you want to say, want to listen to, watch, create, do, see, hear? and on and on and on. The actions we take to answer these small questions inevitably leads us to a much bigger question.  Something along the lines of “What do you want (in life)?”  What are your dreams, your aspirations, your goals? At the core of your being, what do you really want?

If you are anything like me, the honest answer is I don’t know. Not that I’m lazy and fail to contemplate such an important question, but rather, life feels too vast, there seem to be too many opportunities, too many things to do and see to nail just one thing on the head. It’s interesting because as we grow and mature, this answer will change and evolve alongside of us. While I’m not sure that having one steadfast, independent answer is always the best, it is important to think about what the answer is for your own life as you navigate your journey

If I got in your car, turned on the ignition, backed out of the driveway and just drove away without having any destination, you may end up frustrated because you have no idea where you are going, you have no goal, so you realize the resources you’ve just used are in a sense, wasted. However, there is another way to look at this situation. Perhaps you got in your car, turned on the ignition, backed out of the driveway and just drove away without having any destination. But instead of becoming frustrated, you become enlightened. You notice new buildings, you see the new rose bushes planted along your street, you decide to stop by that coffee shop you have passed everyday for 10 years, never having the time to slow down to go inside. Stepping into the entrance, you see an old friend, whom you have been wanting to get back in touch with. The rest of the day is filled with stories, opportunities, laughter and personal growth as you remember that life is really about relationships and people, not so much about a final destination, efficient use of every resource or always having to pursue a grandiose goal.

Bringing these two ideas together,  think about “what you want” and work toward a goal but always remember to live each day independent of the other, appreciating the opportunities of today. Chances are, your answer to this question will be found in the discoveries and lessons that you learn along the way.

– k


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