Consuming or Creating

We live in a culture of excessive consumption. Just think about all of the things that go into your mind and body on a daily basis – the food you eat, the news you watch, the Facebook you check, the coffee, the cokes, the books, the emails, the medicines, blogs, your work (just to name a few). It’s easy to sit and list the things that we consume. Why? because consuming is easy.


Creating, on the other hand, takes much more effort and much more work. But like anything in life, the thing that requires more, rewards more. When was the last time you created something? It could be anything. A new recipe, a poem, a hand written letter, a drawing, a painting, a story, a garden, snapping pictures, decorating your house…? Do something creative today. Start small, like leaving a comment on this blog post, and notice the feeling that you get when you’ve created thats uniquely yours. It feels nice.


– k


2 thoughts on “Consuming or Creating

  1. Wow! K, this is hitting at the belt line! Guess where I spent the most of the day. Yes, had lunch at a very nice lake side resturant, then coffee at a favorite coffee shop with nice pastries. Also there were a couple of my favorite ladies with me. We missed you, even conversed about you as we enjoyed the lovely weather. Consuming and dreaming of creating was such fun. I can see it now! J-Lou

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