Obviously Amazing

I recently read a blog that made me pause, tilt my head to the side, slightly scrunch my eyebrows together, purse my lips and quietly make the noise best written as, “hmmp.” The sound that comes out when you aren’t really sure what to say because what you have just experienced was unique, interesting, curious, but above all, thought-provoking.

The content of the blog (which I recommend you read in its entirety) discusses the simple notion of perspective. As living, breathing human beings, we think. Well I can’t speak for everyone, but if you are reading this blog, you most likely think. We come up with ideas, we create thoughts, piece them together with other thoughts and ideas and make beautiful things like paintings, music, art, poetry, stories, crafts, movies, furniture, cars, houses and etc. etc. The list is endless. We sit back and look at what other people do and say, “Wow, thats amazing. I could have never thought of that.” to which they may respond, “Really? Its no big deal. I just sort of threw it together.” And this conversation proceeds to culminate in one side amazement, one side obvious.

The message is clear though. What is obvious to you may be amazing to others.

Your job is to use the gifts and talents that you have been given and put your creations out there and simply let the world decide. 

– k


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