Then Again

My book review on

Then Again

Diane Keaton


Why I wanted to read it

My mom sent me this book for Christmas. After sifting through it at the bookstore, she decided to buy it for me. Before sending it to me, she read it. I love that. The fact that my mom liked it meant I would like it. After all, I remind myself of my mom more and more each day.

Thoughts after reading it

Diane Keaton does a wonderful job of painting a beautiful picture of her life, her story. I feel that if I met Diane on the street, that she would be the same person that I read in her book. She did a great job of being vulnerable, of opening herself up to the reader. Sometimes her thoughts were scrambled, much like what we do on a daily basis. The beauty of this book was that it’s a memoir of she and her mom. Throughout the pages of this book, we see how much she loved and adored her mother. We see further back through time as her mothers writings and journal entries are interwoven throughout Diane’s story. This is a brilliant take on a typical memoir and was only made possible because her mother wrote journals throughout her life.

I’d recommend this book to any girl. I believe that Diane really hit on a universal subject, mothers, that all girls can relate to on any level. Perhaps I’m biased. As Diane did, I love and adore my mom. If nothing else, this book reminded me of how fortunate I am to have my mom as my mom. I’m thankful for the ways she’s encouraged me throughout my whole life, pushed me to be great and accomplish great things. I knew from a very early age and still even to this day, if I can be a mom like her oneday, I will have achieved the greatest task that will ever lay before me.

One of the best messages in the book comes from the last chapter. As Diane’s mother has passed on, she thinks about what her mother may be telling her from the other side. She says,

“I think I know what you want to say…I bet you want to tell me to lift my hands off the handlebars of the bike and let go. You want to say, “Don’t cover your ears; listen. Don’t close your eyes, look. Don’t shut your mouth, open it wide and speak. Be brave, take a deep breath and let go. Release your hands from their grip on the bike, lift them up and fly.”

 Seems much easier said than done, but its true. This is the life you were given to live, don’t spend all your days holding back or waiting until the perfect time, for that time is now. As Shakespeare said,

“Our doubts are traitors,

And make us lose the good we oft might win,

By fearing to attempt.”

Let go of the handlebars and fly.

– k


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