are people too.

I had the opportunity to meet with the president and founder of Gotham Books, which is a division of Penguin Publishing yesterday regarding a book project that I am working on. The meeting went well and based upon the initial feedback from the meeting, we should be seeing an offer roll across the table very soon! This is all exciting and well and good but the thing that struck me the most is this…

Publishers are people too.

Just like me, just like you, just like everybody else in the world. They have a background, they come from somewhere, they have other people in their lives, they too, have a story. Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that those we aspire to be like or people we seek approval from, somehow are super-human or other worldly. We convince ourselves that they aren’t like us and somehow we lesser than they. Truth is, everybody, no matter their status or occupation in life, is much more the alike, than different from us. And this is what connects us on a universal level. The fact that we all have a story, that all of our lives are stories.

Publishers just so happen to be in the business of getting stories “out there” to the world. It is likely that we may have never met most of the great authors of the world, but since Someone had the idea of spreading the Word, we are connected to one another through our ability to feel, enabled through our emotions,which stands each day as proof we are all alive, all connected, all ready to experience one other stories.

Time to start sharing yours with the world.


– k


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