What does it mean to feel something?

What are emotions?

Why do we get happy or sad or mad or depressed or excited or giddy?

What are those things but an abstract interpretation of our world?

We can’t touch them or see them and to explain them, is well, rather difficult. I can tell you that when I experience a feeling, I have a real physiological response to whatever the stimuli is – I may smile or laugh when I feel happy or cry or sulk when I feel sad or my palms might get sweaty when I’m nervous or feeling in love. But what comes first? The physiological response or the feeling. But does it really matter? No, it doesn’t.

Feelings are not meant to be dissected or understood. Feelings are meant as reminders that we are human. A reminder that we care about something. A reminder that we are alive. You see, that’s the connection between us. No matter how well we know each other, if we know one another at all. No matter how close we are to one another, in the next room or across the world. We can connect.

Feelings and emotions are the invisible cords that run through our lives – connecting our brains to our hearts. But they are also the invisible cords that runs horizontally from me to you and you to me. It’s why we can relate. It’s why we can be friends and it’s why we are alive. Although these feelings are a natural part of our makeup as people, expressing them doesn’t come easily for all.

An expression or acknowledgement of emotion creates a gap in our control, called vulnerability. Some of us have been conditioned through our life’s events and circumstances to avoid vulnerability. Because in the chasm of being vulnerable lives risk. And risk creates opportunity. One for pleasure, one for pain. Many times we have opened the gap to find pain, to find those that have let us down, who have hurt us, who have embarrassed us or caused negative experiences in whatever capacity. But the truth is, the pain that we feel from being unwilling to take a risk creates a void that many times take over control. We shy away from feeling and avoid emotions. We are really good at pretending to feel or creating a facade of emotion, but our chasm is shallow, our risks are weak and our lives aren’t all that they were created to be.

I want to be free enough to love, free enough to feel, free enough to risk. This is what you want when you say you want to be alive.

Allow yourself to open the gap of vulnerability so that you may experience life in a new dimension, that you may connect with other people in a way that you only knew as a child, that you may begin to see opportunities that you have been blind to seeing and that you may come to understand that a life without feeling and emotions is really no life at all.

Face the fear of vulnerability and allow yourself to FEEL.

The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.  ~Jim Rohn


– k


One thought on “Feel

  1. Wow! You hit a home run with this one. It kind of reminds me of something a Marine friend of mine, that I greatly admire, told me a few days ago, “If you can still feel pain, then you still have something to give”. Not the way we like to think, but as I gave consideration to his statement, I must agree.
    Great job, keep up the good work.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.


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