Not Always What It Seems

I woke up this morning to the sound of shuffling and scurrying above my head. I laid perfectly still so I could try to make out exactly what that noise was – I talked myself out of thinking it was Santa and his reindeer on the roof and settled on the fact that there was definitely a rodent in the attic. Gross. It grossed me out. I immediately went to google on my iPhone and the search “critters in the attic” filled my page with everything from squirrels to bats to snakes to rats and raccoons. I convinced myself that in our attic was a whole family of raccoons, squirrels, snakes, bats, bears and coyotes rummaging around, building their own little castle in the sky. I imagined when the pest guy looked up there that he would see elaborate homes and paved driveways and each little critter family would be waving from their windows in the houses they built in MY ATTIC!

On a serious note, I was trying to figure out how I could avoid my closet because that’s where the entrance to the attic is located. I didn’t want to be anywhere near whatever it was that was lurking in my home. I could imagine whatever it was watching me through the vents in the ceiling and waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on my head, sending me in a flinging furry of spazmatic chaos. I knew something was out to get me. I planned to simply avoid the closet. All day. All week. All month. Until whatever it was died or ran away….

It seemed like a great plan of avoidance. Right? Well, turns out that scary noise of beastly proportions wasn’t the sound of rummaging rats or angry raccoons. Nope. It was the air from the fan brushing against a paper lamp in the bedroom. Seriously. Turn off the fan, no noise. Turn on the fan, noise.

It’s really hysterical now that I know I don’t have rodents crawling in my attic but what’s even funnier is that we all do this. Laugh at this simple example, but how many times have we avoided things in our lives simply because we are afraid of the unknown?

Many times when we are faced with unknowns, we convince ourselves of the worst or the scariest or the least pleasant experience that awaits when in fact, it could be just the opposite. I hope next time, I’ll spend a few more minutes investigating the unknown before jumping to crazy conclusions that are only a reality in my own head.



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