The Weirdest Thing

The weirdest thing happened yesterday. I was in the gym, riding the stationary bike, reading a book on my kindle. I’m usually an audiobook runner but since falling and hurting my knee two weeks ago, the  stationary bike has been my mode of cardiotransportation. I’m naturally a very observant person, so of course I notice every person that walks into the gym, the song playing over the radio in the gym, the sound of humming cardio equipment. All of it is very natural. The chatty women to my left have been tuned out because frankly, I don’t want to hear about all of their drama. I’m cranking away at my biking intervals, engrossed in my book when all of a sudden my head pops up from the “zone” and I snap my head around to my right side to determine if my ears had truly registered what I thought I just heard. Yep, it was true. The gentlemen sitting two bikes down from me on my right had popped a soda! You know that sound the can of soda makes as you flip the tab to puncture the can? Yea, that sound that Coca-Cola has so genuinely marketed to the American public? That is indeed what I had heard and my ears had not deceived me. It took me a minute to realize that yes, a grown man, riding a piece of cardio equipment, had popped open a can of carbonated sugary liquid to accompany his workout. What? It was the weirdest sound, simply because I wasn’t at a baseball game or at a BBQ, I was in the gym. The sound was out of context and it was just plain weird.

I didn’t judge him. Whatever, it was his workout.

But it did get me thinking about the things we notice (and don’t notice) as we go about in our day and in our lives. We don’t notice the usual. I didn’t notice the sound of people guzzling water or the feet thumping on the treadmill.  It took something out of the ordinary to pull me from my “zone.” And we do this in our lives everyday –  We take for granted the people who are always there and the security that awaits us. Often times it takes a tragedy or an unfortunate event for us to notice the things that we love most because we’ve come accustomed to their presence in our lives and have grown comfortable with them or it there with us. For me, it wasn’t about hearing the soda can in the gym. It was a lesson that I need to take time to hear the softer things, the things hidden behind all the noise that pulls for our attention. Don’t wait for life’s soda can pop to start taking note of the beautiful sounds that life has to offer.

What draws your attention throughout your day? What are some of those things that you fail to notice because they have become usual? Take time to notice all of the things that you hear today and to appreciate them. You never know when it could no longer be there.

– k


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