Die Empty

What is the most valuable piece of land in the world?

Maybe the oil fields in the Middle East, the diamond mines in South Africa or 5 acres in downtown Manhattan?

Nope. The most valuable piece of land in the world is in the graveyard. Because in the graveyard are buried hundreds of novels, countless unlaunched businesses and numerous un-reconciled relationships where people said “I’ll get around to it tomorrow” and one day their tomorrow simply ran out. I heard this statement on a TEDtalk I watched today by Todd Henry on the topic of creativity and he ended his talk with the words, “Die Empty.”

I immediately glanced up at my bulletin board to see the orange post-it note with faded blue highlighter that read, “Die Empty” I’m not sure how long ago I heard that statement or just why I felt compelled to post it to my board (its the only post-it note up there) but it mattered at the time and it matters today. We are given talents, abilities and tools so that we can give back and make the world a better place for having allowed our existence. What are you doing with that you have been given?

At the end of my days on Earth, may it be said of my life that I died empty, gave it my all, left the world utterly and totally used up for the sake of making a change.

– K

*coincidentally (or not) I woke up for an early morning run today to an alarm that said “Get up and change the world”


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