Stop Wasting Valuable Time


The ticking of the clock. The watchdog of lifetimes. The passing of years.  The currency of life.

It is the – Record of the past, Reminder of the moment, and Ruler of the future.

Across the world, every person’s unique makeup is crafted with special codes, that set us apart from one another. As much as we are different from the languages we speak, the way we look, cultural norms we adopt, family dynamics and societal habits, we all share the commonality of time.

In talking with my mom the other day, she mentioned that she recently dropped and broke two of her wrist watches.Now, no fretting because the watches are fashion pieces that can be replaced with a quick trip to the local jewelry boutique.

However, the passing statement sparked a thought – we fumble (or drop) things when we fail to pay special attention to them. If I handed you a watch that was 100% Swarovski crystals and told you to handle it with the utmost care and be sure to protect it until the maker came looking for it, I bet you’d have a hard time taking your eyes off of the watch – much less allowing it to slip from your grip.

Now, this isn’t a lesson about how my mom dropped the watches and her value placed upon those particular time keepers. But much more about the symbolism it represented for me, the hearer of such an event. It made me think of how much I value (or don’t value) my time.

Such a precious commodity, such a vast opportunity for creating and opening possibilities to make a difference in the world, yet I find myself allowing time to slip from my grip and lay wasted at my feet. Thing is, we can replace a watch but we certainly can’t replace the time we lost, during all the moments we failed to realized it supreme value.

Let’s all hold on a little tighter to the preciousness of the gift of time and not only that, let’s value it and use it to do something worthwhile!

– Kaci


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