Speak with Authority

I have a bad habit that I’m in the process of breaking. And I didn’t even realize I had the habit until someone pointed it out to me the other day – funny how that works, huh?

In conversation, I found myself speaking confidently about the subject at hand but with a major crunch built in. Instead of claiming ownership to the thought, one that I did believe whole-heartedly to be true, I attributed the belief to a book that I was reading, something someone else had actually wrote.

This isn’t always a negative thing. We most definitely need to pay respect and give credit to authors and their unique works, but folded into their works are facts and universal truths that have existed throughout time.

When we speak about things, we should speak with authority. Either believe what you have read, learned, heard, seen, know to be true…or don’t. But don’t play the messenger.

The use of continually passing off your thoughts and beliefs to another person –  author, parent, friend, teacher, etc. – frees you from judgement. Because after all, it’s not actually your thoughts and beliefs, it’s theirs.

However, it weakens your stance on the issue altogether.

People like to hear from others who know what they are talking about, not just someone who can half-heartedly regurgitate something they got elsewhere. So let’s live boldly and lay claim to our thoughts and beliefs. It gives us all a much better chance at affecting lives and changing the world.

– Kaci

P.S. – If you didn’t notice, part of my process of breaking this habit starting with me actually signing my name to my blog. Sure, it opens me up for judgement but at least I’m now laying claim to what I have written 😉


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