Start Doing Things

Used to and going to (or “fixing to” in the South) are the most overused phrases in the world.

I used to write, I used to run or swim or play ball. I used to want to be a professional dancer or a photographer. I used to paint or read new books. I used to want to travel or study another language. You fill in the blank – you used to what?

Or sometimes worse…

I’m going to start running or writing or taking picture. I’m going to learn how to play an instrument or start eating healthy. I’m fixing to start working out or I’m going to call my friend I haven’t talked to in a while. Again, you fill in the blank. What are those things you keep saying you are going to do?

Used to, Going to, Used to, Going to… what about right now? 

Here’s a truth. It doesn’t really matter what you used to do or what you are going to do. What really matters is what are you DOING now?

I challenge you to change your storyline from used to and going to into “I am”

I am:



Earning my degree


Learning to cook

Opening my business

Learning a new language

Restoring my relationships

Working out

Eating healthy

Creating art

The definition of doing is, “The activities in which a particular person engages.” Let’s start engaging in more things instead of just talking about them. Living your story in the present tense is much more fulfilling. When you find yourself talking about what you used to do or what you are going to do, take a moment to reflect and find a way to change those thoughts into action and start living!

– Kaci

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