Comparison is the Thief of Joy


We all do it and to some degree it’s a healthy barometer of understanding reality. It helps to set standards about what’s normal or “average” but also helps in challenging the status quo. How can we do more and achieve greater if we don’t have a scale to tell us where we are? That’s how comparison works in our favor.

However, much of the comparison we deal with on a daily basis isn’t for self-edification and encouragement to push the boundaries, it’s actually used as a self-depreciating measure in which we esteem all others more worthy than ourselves. I’m not talking about the issue of morality, but rather the practical things that we experience each day. Our insecurities are wrapped in fears that we aren’t enough, and to make it worse, everyone (or someone else) is.

What are the things you tell yourself? Not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, tall enough, skinny enough, strong enough, wealthy enough, determined enough, muscular enough, talented enough, disciplined enough, etc.

Enough simply represents the average that’s been set by the scale of comparison. We struggle because instead of using enough to motivate us to surpass it, we settle on the fact that we aren’t there yet.

We compare ourselves with false realities of others. I say false realities because we don’t always have the full story – people tend to show their best work and hide the times that they felt like they weren’t enough. So before you go comparing yourself to someone, who you think has it all together, remember that they too deal with the same insecurities.

By all means, when used the wrong way, comparison certainly is the thief of joy. From here on out, stop allowing comparison to control you and start controlling it and push past the status quo. There is no limit to what you can accomplish!

– Kaci


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