Life as a Vegan

I recently watched a documentary titled, “Forks Over Knives” and like most of the American population would do, I agreed to see it with a slight internal eye roll. I thought it was just going to be another one of those documentaries talking about how meat is awful and how fruits and vegetables should be your life source. I assumed that it would provide numbers and supposed facts that would make me want to drastically change the way I’ve been living my life, oh forever.

Well, I was right.

And it not only convinced me but it convicted me.

I had heard the facts thousands of times, I’d seen the literature and read the materials that always pointed to the truth that a diet comprised of plant-based whole foods was significantly better for you than a “balanced diet” that is regulated by the US Dept of Agriculture. If you are anything like me, I’ve been convinced that I needed to live a life of balance through consumption of necessary animal products, which provided things like protein and calcium.

But that’s wrong. It’s just wrong.

You don’t have to have animal products to get the protein and nutrients for a healthy life. I’m not wholly against animal meat and product consumption, but in an effort to fully understand the vegan lifestyle, I’m doing it. And after two and a half weeks, I can honestly say that I have never in my life felt better.

Some of things that I have noticed about myself the last two weeks: I feel healthier, brighter and more balanced. I feel lighter and my mind is clearer. I tend to be less irrational about things, I find myself less hungry and more stable throughout the day, I have more energy than I ever thought possible (I was a chronic napper and excessive sleeper), my motivation has sky rocketed, Im stronger in the gym and faster on the treadmill than I have ever been, I recover quicker from my workouts and have learned to cook healthy meals using whole food, plant based products. All of this in only about two weeks!

I have a feeling that this change is going to be one of those defining moments as I reflect back over the life of my story. I’m not telling you to adopt the same lifestyle, but I do challenge you to think about your quality of life and consider watching the documentary, if only for informational purposes.

You never know, it may be the thing that helps you to start a new chapter in your life.

– Kaci

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