Finish What You Start

I have a habit. I like starting new things, but I’m not always a great finisher.

I tend to get bored easily and yearn for new opportunities & adventures and seek fresh, new, stimulating things to tickle my curiosity. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I often find that the thrill of beginning something else lures my attention and energy, forcing me to forget and leave behind what I already started.

There are so many examples from my life that I can use to illustrate this point – everything from movies, books, workout programs, eating plans, blogging, writing, creating; and also deeper things, like friendships, relationships, personal and spiritual edification. I start them all really well. Supremely well, actually. My first time at something is often my best because I don’t exercise the endurance it takes to “stick with it.” The truth is, starting is way more exciting than finishing and way WAY more exciting than the middle part, which takes the hard work and dedication. Stopping short isn’t always the case as I have finished a number of things in my life, but the pattern “to start and not finish” is definitely prevalent.

But I’m changing that. Starting small, one thing at a time. I cant promise that I will finish every movie or book I start or actually blog consistently, but I do promise to finish something big. In fact, this test is coming up a month from now. I will finish my 12 week running program with the culmination of the Maui Half Marathon on September 15. Would I have stuck with a 12 week running program with no goal at the end? Unlikely. Highly. But I have a reason, a purpose, a bigger mission to complete and it’s what drives me to keep-on-keeping-on.

I think there is a bigger lesson here. Its easy for our flame to die out on a project or a task when there’s no goal of achievement attached to the end of our work. If you are like me, I challenge you to set one goal for yourself and keep it. I know its hard. I know that you will excitedly proclaim your commitment, but let’s be honest, the middle part is tough.

Do something different this time: put a pot of gold at the end of your path and don’t stop until you reach it!

– Kaci


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