Life in a Washing Machine

Have you ever felt like you were in a washing machine? Like you were being tumbled around and around, smashed by dirty clothes, soaked in foamy water, beating your head against the sides of the drum? And you think to yourself, while trying not to suffocate under the water and mass of clothes, will this ever end?

Ok, maybe it hasn’t been that intense, but life can get a little whirly at times, making it hard to see which way is up. I recently had a spell of chaos that sure felt like someone stuck me in the washer and pressed Start.

It all started with a bout of the stomach flu that landed me in the E.R. well dehydrated and with a fever that just wouldn’t break. Test after test, the doctor finally settled that it must be a stomach virus because he couldn’t determine any other reason why I felt so terrible. I’m usually a bounce-backer-super-faster from any sort of illness, but this one really stuck it to me. I was down and out for a week and I felt like I lost those days, I was dead to the world as I laid in my suffering, sleeping away the hours of time. But eventually things got better, but not great. I was feeling “off” something just wasn’t right with my body. I’m not sure if I should chalk it up to the inutitive woman syndrome, but I can tell when things just don’t feel right.

Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism 5 years ago, I have been on synthetic thyroid medication and struggled to keep a healthy balance of hormones in my body. So, I decided to see a homeopathic doctor, someone who could help me figure out exactly what was going on internally. Not too much to my surprise, her findings showed that not only did I have a suppressed thyroid function, my immune system was completely compromised and out of whack. WHY??? What happened along the way? After discussing recent dietary changes and informing the doctor that I was on a vegan diet, she stopped me mid-sentence and said that’s it. I said, “That’s what?” She went on to explain that the vegan diet is usually supplemented with high amounts of soy, which inhibits the thyroid function and explains why I have felt so completely off-balance, moody, fatigued and sick!

My body was fighting against itself. Per her recommendation, I have since said farewell to the vegan lifestyle (I still avoid dairy and red meat) and have noticed a dramatic change in my tipsy-tossed, washing machine of a life. Not only have I cut out all soy, I have introduced whole-food supplements and minerals into my diet which I feel have given me a new spark of energy and endurance. I feel better now than I ever have before in my life, yes, even better than my exclamations of how great it felt to be vegan.

All this to say that sometimes you have to go through the whirlwind of chaos to get you to where you really need to be.

I’m thankful for getting sick.

I’m thankful that the vegan diet upset my thyroid

I am thankful that these issues made me seek a resolution that has led me to the healthy changes that I have incorporated into my daily routine*.

Just remember when you are going through the washing machine of life, that its so much better on the other side. You usually come out much cleaner, much safer and much more enjoyable to yourself and the rest of the world! 

– Kaci


* For those interested, these two dietary supplements are my new best friends:

1. Bio-K probiotics

2. Fulvic Mineral Complex

One thought on “Life in a Washing Machine

  1. Kaci, I am thankful that you are feeling better and have found the resulution to your washing machine experience! I am familiar with that discomforting feeling that a disturbed thyroid can bring, and I’m still looking for the right formula. How did you come to the realizeation that it was the Bio-K probiotics and Fulvic Mineral Complex that would balance things out for you? Was it recomended by the homeopathic doctor?

    Well, your real life story is interesting, we like real life stories. Keep making those healthy choices, and I wish you many healthy and happy days. Love your pen to paper.


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