Change the World

You say you want to change the world, leave it a better place than when you got here?


But the notion is lofty and to some, impossible.

I am one of those dreamers that has lofty, seemingly impossible expectations of what I am capable of doing in this world. On the grand scheme of it all, it is too big to accomplish. However, what you have is the ability to change your world and the world of someone around you. By changing the worlds closest to you, you are in essence, bringing change to the greater World at large.

Here is a perfect example from an article that I recently read:

“Remember Usain Bolt? He’s fast. He’s a gold medal Olympian from Jamaica.

Before one of his races, he walked to the start line. He was on the verge of something he’d been preparing for his entire life. In a matter of seconds, a gun would sound that launched him and every one of his competitors around the track in a mad dash toward gold.

What did he do?

He turned around and fist bumped the lane official.

A guy most racers thought was invisible.

A guy most television cameras completely skipped over.

A guy that is so far into the background of the moment that he’s not even an “extra” in the scene.

Usain turned and did something unnecessary and unexpected. He didn’t need to do that. No one would have criticized him for ignoring the race official. That sort of gesture was not necessary or expected, but he made it anyway.

What was the result?


Pure, unabashed, unashamed joy.

The picture tells the story.”

That race official can barely contain himself.

Think it’s complicated to change the world? It’s not. All it takes is changing one person’s day, because changing the world always starts with a single person.

Life change leads to world change. That’s the pattern.”


Changing the world starts small – it begins with changing your own.

– Kaci


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