Are You Chasing the Market or Chasing YOUR Passions?

Do What You Love

Life has been quite interesting the past few weeks – I’ve been introduced to so many great people, ones with passion and drive to achieve THEIR dreams. From my newfound friend with piercing green eyes and caramel skin, straight from the island of Seychelles, striving to create stories that touch others in meaningful ways; to my new professional relationship with a blooming writer, whose passion is educating people on the potential pitfalls of social connectivity at the expense of true human relationships; to my new connection with the daughter of a late, great, martial artist, striving to pass on his teachings and legacy, inspiring souls throughout the world with her own creative genius. I feel blessed to have been the one introduced to these people.

I can sit and wonder why all of them are suddenly appearing in my life or I can do something about it. Their lives inspire me to dream, inspire me to reach, and inspire me to achieve the passions that lay dormant in the recesses of my heart.

After reading the article, A Conversation with ‘Silver Linings’ author Matthew Quick, I’m even more encouraged and inspired! At the age of 30, Quick left his secure teaching job to become a writer, an artist, a connector of human beings. In the article, he talks about his influences and one of the great impactors of his life was the Chinese Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian. Quick states,

“He wrote a book called “Soul Mountain.” He talks a lot about cold literature, and you know, you hear a lot about things that are hot, like you know, “This book is hot.” He says that we should write cold literature, and what he means by that is you should just write what you need to write and not follow the trends. I think that inspired me a lot. Even though there’s been a lot of commercial success with “Silver Linings,” I always think about Gao Xingjian and the fact that I shouldn’t try to tell the stories I wouldn’t tell and just chase the markets.”

This moved me to think about the motivations behind the things that I create. Am I chasing the markets and the trends, trying to produce content and a product that will fit the expectations of the “market” (whoever THAT is), or am I chasing my passions, the things that I believe and excite me about being a creative person?

It really takes honest introspection because I admit, it’s much easier to rush in behind the trend. Easier to chase, but impossible to catch. That’s the trick. We keep chasing and in our efforts, we feel satisfied by our busyness and our hard work to make it happen. But what we don’t see are the dreams that get swept away in the current, the passions that get drowned out by the winds. We forfeit our own selves to the tidal wave of a market that does not and will never care about us as human beings.

I’m going to start looking at my job, my creations, my art as something more personal, more passionate, more in line with who I am as a human being and much less about achieving a certain success that the market has created for me.

I hope you’ll do the same.

We need great art.

We need YOU.


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