Can You Hear Me Now?


Remember those old Verizon cell phone commercials that had a guy walking around, trying to find a good signal on his phone, asking, “Can you hear me now?” You probably do. It’s a great commercial and it stuck with us because we’ve all been there. We are yacking away on the phone and suddenly we hear the person on the other end say something to the effect of, “Are you there? I can’t hear you….Hello?”

We frantically stop what we are saying in mid-sentence to respond, “Can you hear me now?” We may walk to the other side of the house or step outside the restaurant or hang up and call back. But, regardless of what we are saying, regardless of how important or how insignificant it is, the most important thing at the moment is for us to be heard. The message is no good if it’s not heard. 

As our culture grows increasingly LOUDER with more distractions and interferences than ever before, it’s important that we adjust ourselves so we can hear the message that’s coming into us. Whether that’s a message from God, a message from a long lost friend, a coworker, a child, or simply a stranger on the street. If our lines are too crowded, crammed with too much static and clogged with nonsense, we will miss the MESSAGE.

What things do you need to clear from your life, your mind and your heart in order to be open for the messages you need to receive? You may miss that small, quiet voice if the static is too loud.

– Kaci


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