The Classless 85th Annual Academy Awards


Ten years from now, when you are asked, “Remember where you were on the night of 85th Academy Awards?” You will undoubtedly answer, “Hmmm, no.”

I might remember because I’m writing a blog about it, but here’s the thing about the Oscar’s last night. (I’m going to preface my opinion with the fact that I’m young, 29 years young. Some of my harps will sound like I’m an aging nag, but I’m just being honest.)

While I was entertained with the Oscars last night, I think it serves as the epitome of what’s wrong, not only in Hollywood, but what’s wrong with the American culture as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I was entertained, just like we all would rather eat junk food for 80 years and claim we’re healthy, consuming garbage in the vein of “entertainment” is just the same. What happened to respecting the art, paying homage to great artists and celebrating their work? What happened to people being recognized for their commitment to their craft and their dedication to their chosen career – whether or not their film was nominated? When did movies, America’s favorite pastime, turn into such a political, commercial and otherwise manipulated form of gross entertainment? It’s easy to overlook the bad movies of the year, but it’s a little more difficult to overlook the classless ceremony, designed to honor to the good movies of the  year.

I’m not an Academy Awards aficionado like Jon Cassar, but I agree 100% with his evaluations and recommendations of last night’s show. Unlike many years prior, I had seen almost all of the nominated pictures this year. Life of Pi was BY FAR my favorite pick of the year. I was thrilled to see that it won a number of Awards, although Argo snagged the Oscar for Best Picture, for which I was totally fine.

My issues aren’t with the films that were represented last night, but with the rather degrading way the industry represented itself. I’m not completely blaming host, Seth McFarlane, because it takes a couple of villages to produce the Oscars, but I am blaming our lack of class, our ignorance, our complacency, and our substitute for quality entertainment being replaced with fattening, empty, garbage. It’s time that we not only make better movies, create better art and convey better messages, but that we also raise the standard when it comes to honoring those who work to produce such lasting content.

I’m going to be optimistic in the hope that others feel the same. Here’s to next year’s ceremony being the height of ‘Touche de Classe’ and away with the junk!

– Kaci

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