Your “Food” is Making You Fat, Sick and Unhappy



For the average person, it’s a love/hate relationship usually depending on the waistline width of the moment.

Tight jeans = hate food

Stretchy pants = love food

So, why is this? A quick google search for food will turn up everything from the Food Network website to food definitions, recipes, pictures, restaurants, reviews and mostly notably, diets. America’s fascination – no, more like obsession – with dieting is fueled by what else, “food.” Obviously. Right? Maybe not so much.

Here’s the thing – for the past few decades, American food has morphed from food into food-like products. Whaaaat?? Yea, look at the label on the back of most “food” products sold at your local supermarket…try to pronounce them. The ingredients are chemicals, processed in a lab with the intent of imitating tastes and smells of real food. Whyyyy? Why not eat REAL food?

Well, there’s a myriad of reasons. Not the least of which, is that we have been conditioned to prefer sugary, sweet, fake foods with no nutritional value (fat free this, low fat that, 100 calorie this, lose weight with this, etc. etc.). It’s no wonder that Americans are infatuated with dieting. We eat what should be considered as junk, which quickly turns into fat inside our bodies and as we are getting fatter and fatter, we are starving ourselves of real nutrition. It’s simple, we don’t consume real food anymore.

I’m not speaking from a pedestal, I’m talking about myself. I was that same average American, looking for that way to lose a little weight, be healthier, be stronger, more clear headed, more productive, more this and more that. That’s why I tried to “eat healthy and exercise” but like most people, I was doing it allllll wrong.

Since I can remember, I’ve been chained to the cravings of bread and sweets. Give me a loaf of french bread and some chocolate chip cookies and I am golden. At least until I come crashing down from my sugar-high. That’s when I’d reach for more of the drug, I mean, food to satisfy this undeniable hunger inside of me.

Not anymore.

I read a book, Wheat Belly, that explains the phenomenon behind the American diet and the OVER consumption of wheat products. I have tried LOTS of different eating regimens over the years (I’ve dealt with hypoglycemia and hypothyroidism for years), but there was always one thing that I never fully gave up. Wheat. Read: Bread and Sweets

I finished the book with a better understanding of how wheat is processed and what it does to our bodies. Not good people, not good. It made all of the sense in the world – here’s the simple version:

Wheat = Sugar

Sugar = Increase in Blood Glucose

Increase in Blood Glucose = Spike in Insulin

Insulin overproduction = Stored as Fat Cells

The cycle is never-ending. Once your blood sugar plummets like the Tower of Terror, you turn into a beast, exacting rage on innocent family and friends until you finally get your next “fix” – if this all seems dramatic, it’s because it is. But, I am the LIVING example of this crazed process. Ask my mom, ask my husband… it’s not pretty when the Tower of Terror plunge happens. The key to fixing all this is putting an end to the consumption of the drug: wheat.

I recently watched a documentary that confirmed my knowledge gained from the Wheat Belly book, called Hungry For Change – they go hand in hand. Here’s the thing. It’s not about eliminating a certain food group from your diet, al la Atkins diet, but rather about understanding nutrition and how food affects your body.

When I tell others about this new lifestyle, most say something like “Ohhh, I could never give up pizza, or bread, or cupcakes! That takes too much work! I don’t have enough time. What do you eat then?” I was that person! Believe me, when you REALLY understand what’s happening to you because of your “food” choices, you will be driven to make a change. And you can. When you do, you will find that your cravings for these food-like substances start to cease, your energy levels kick into gear, your pants start feeling a little looser, and your creative recipes come flying out in full force.

You have 24 hours in each day, 7 days in each week and 52 weeks in each year. Take a few days to learn about what’s making you fat, sick, and unhealthy. A HUGE CLUE: the USDA Food Pyramid is wrong. Very wrong.

I challenge you to make yourself more aware and make the change with me. We can do it and be healthier and happier together!

– Kaci

Here’s a list of resources to get you started:

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

Wheat Belly Cookbook

Hungry For Change


4 thoughts on “Your “Food” is Making You Fat, Sick and Unhappy

  1. I might just read that book 🙂

    I had gestational diabetes last summer while pregnant with my son, I didn’t understand carbs until then… I lost weight while pregnant and ended up being 2lbs heavier the day I gave birth from the day I found out I was pregnant. It was crazy and I had more energy at the end of my pregnancy, than ever before in my life!

    Since then, my doctors have told me to up my carbs and that I am not diabetic and not to follow the diet… however, I’m back to square one and I’m thinking last summer was right on, this is not the way we should eat. I’m taking a more diabetic approach, less carbs for sure.

    • Hi Olivia! Thank you for sharing. First off, congrats on your son! I’m sure all of the trials during pregnancy were well worth it 🙂

      But nonetheless, it sounds like you may be on to something with your experience with your diabetic diet. This book is WONDERFUL in explaining exactly what goes on in the body and the author is a doctor whose advice comes from his years of experience working with diabetic patients. I think you would find the content really interesting. There are a few chapters that bog down with scientific explanations, but if you power through, you get to the practical, everyday application of his findings. I can’t speak for everyone, but since adopting this wheat-free lifestyle, I’ve seen drastic changes in my quality of life, some of the things I’ve experienced are:
      – Lost weight
      – More energy
      – Less hungry between meals
      – Stabilized blood sugar
      – Less fatigue
      – Mental sharpness
      – More creative
      – Overall happier

      I hear it only gets better the longer you stick to it. Please let me know if you get the book and what you think of it!

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