Compassion for the Damaged Duck


I find it interesting how animals and nature provide such profound lessons for us humans – the more educated, more intellectual, more perfect creations of the world. That’s what you think too of your fellow homo sapiens, right?

Although, wrong, I don’t think I’m alone.

As much as I loathe FaceBook for all of it’s negative influences in our lives, I love it for the snippets of stories that people share. One of my friends posted a picture of a duck in a pond and said,

“My mean killer dog actually saw this crippled duck on the shore line. Ran to it then sniffed it and nudged it into the water with his nose. Animals never cease to amaze me. Guess Riley thought it wasn’t fair and will chase him when he recovers.”

I couldn’t help but think, “Wow! You mean to tell me that the dog who spends his life chasing after ducks in the hopes that he can capture just one, felt compassion for this damaged duck?” Riley could have captured his prize easily, trotted back to the house with a dangling duck in his mouth, but instead, he chose to show compassion. The duck is not going to repay Riley for his good deed, in fact, as soon as the duck recovers, the chase is back on. Every man (or animal in this case) for himself. But something in Riley told him it just wasn’t fair right now. Reminder: Riley is a DOG! 

Here comes the parallel:

How much better would our world be if we took the time to care for the ones with whom we have dissent?

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t kick him when he’s down,” but it seems like everyone is so focused on what the world and what others owe them that they forget the fight isn’t always fair. Let’s all be a little more like Riley and extend that bit of compassion to someone who may not even deserve it. After all, the chase and the battle is simply for our selfish satisfaction anyway. Maybe we can get that fill of adventure by helping someone along instead of always seeking to destroy. Just a thought to ponder…

– Kaci

Damaged Duck


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