Why Less is Better

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It’s that time again. What time, you ask? Time for SPRING CLEANING!

I used to hate Spring cleaning because it meant that I had to drag everything out of the closets, destroy my house and put it all back together again. It was always much simpler to pretend that all the junk in the closets were “necessities” and tell myself the whole act of Spring Cleaning was a futile endeavor, because after all, I needed all my junk. Right? Yea, right.

If you ask the average American about all their stuff, I’m guessing 99.9% of them have NO CLUE about how much junk they own and never ever ever ever use. They keep it because they may need it “one day” or they just can’t seem to part with that polka dot dress from the 80s, fashioned with football player shoulder pads and all – not to mention, it’s 12 sizes too small now. But…but…but, “I used to love that dress” or “I’m going to lose weight and wear it again.”

No, no you’re not. Not that you won’t lose weight, but as soon as you lose weight, you are most definitely not going to want to prance around looking like a polka-dotted football player. Heck no, you are going straight to the mall. Trust me, I know. Those tiny old jeans I kept for years were never worn, even when I could fit into them again. Guess what people, it’s time to donate that dress (or repurpose it into a cute pillowcase – look at ideas on Pinterest if you are into that sort of thing). It’s time to let go all of the stuff that is clogging up your closets and your life.

Here’s the thing – all that junk that you don’t use, all that stuff that you are allowing to take up space in your closets (read: house, garage, storage shed, etc.) is using valuable space, resources, time and energy to keep up with. You may not even realize it because much of it happens on a subconscious level, but as your spend time worrying about all your stuff, you miss out on other opportunities to live. This may seem a bit dramatic and far-reaching, but I’ve seen it played out in my own life. When I step away and look at things objectively, I realize that I don’t need to keep stuff just to keep it.


1. There are plenty of people who would love your old stuff. Donate to Goodwill, Homeless Shelters, Rescue Mission, Local charities (note: don’t donate useless crap – be kind in your donations).

2. You will feel much better with less – you will have more energy, resources, time and mental capacity to create and enjoy new things.

3. Once you start cleaning out your house, you will realize how little you actually need. We’ve been conditioned, thanks to genius marketing campaigns and the lure of the American dream, to buy, buy, buy! In reality, we don’t need that much stuff in our lives. Honestly, we don’t.

4. You will save money – woohoo! Here are a few ways it works….

  • Empty that storage space that you may pay $50+/month for and you end up with more money in the bank for you each month.
  • Get rid of stuff in your closets and cabinets you don’t use and you suddenly see all of the great things that have been buried for years – this curbs your desire to shop for more.
  • Donations (in addition to your desire to help others) is tax deductible  – keep track of your donations and when tax time comes around, write those babies off.

These are just a few of my reasons less is better! I challenge you to try it. This year, instead of just cleaning your house, do something a little different. If it’s not useful, valuable or sentimental (don’t take too much liberty here), just get rid of it. Donate. Trash. Recycle. Your choice, but get all the junk out of your life. The air is much more clear on this side, I promise.

Leave me a comment about your Spring Cleaning process. It’s time to live a simpler life, with much less stuff!

– Kaci


6 thoughts on “Why Less is Better

  1. Ya know, Kaci. Back home, away from Nicholls, my mom is in the process of moving me out of my lovely–and rather large–bedroom so that my younger brother can move into it. He has an electric drum set, video game drum set, and much more stuff that is literally squeezed into an almost closet sized room. I’m pretty excited to return home for Spring Break. I have SO MUCH junk, including those “fat jeans” from back in the day that I’m actually wondering where my mom has stored it. You’ve inspired me to go through it all. Not to mention, a girl could use a few extra bucks, and my sister-in-law seems to do a decent job hosting Facebook Yard Sales. I’m going to try that out. If it’s something I haven’t bothered to think about while staying on campus, I don’t need it.

  2. Sam! I love this!! I didn’t even think about yard sales – they aren’t as prevalent in LA, but that’s a great idea. As well as craigslist and classifieds for those bigger items. So glad this post inspired you to “Go Less” 😀

  3. Jeff! You are right – if it’s that far away, I’m guessing you probably don’t use what’s in there very much. Get rid of it! You will feel so much better!

  4. My philosophy is love it or need it? If not- it goes! My Mother was and still is a total pack rat, I have no idea how my Dad sleeps at night (the main floor is presentable, but the upstairs and downstairs are just cluttered with STUFF she’s holding onto). They recently told me I have to come over to sort out my toys from when I was a child… I was like “umm… just donate it all.”

    My parents never went through my toys growing up either, it was a huge struggle to keep my room clean as a child.

    Speaking of stuff, I just saw I “bought” something on ebay (the husband) and I asked him if he wanted it because the seller is asking me to pay for it, turns out he’s already bought one and was about to have me buy another. Why? Just cause! Why is “less is more” hard to accept for people? lol

    Preach it sista!

    • Love it or Need it? That’s so easy to remember – I love that! I’m going to use that from now on. Thank you! And that is so funny about the ebay thing – we have all been there. There are definitely times that I buy stuff and get home to realize I already had enough (stuff like condiments… why I always overbuy condiments, I have NO CLUE) and also clothes. So, I’m definitely right there with you.

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