The Little Writer That Could


Lillie + Kaci + Sam

Meet Sam.

  • Creative Writing Student at Nicholls State in Louisiana
  • Writer, Author, Vintage Shopper, Dreamer

My mom met Sam in a little antique shop in Denham Springs, LA, while searching for a time-warped typewriter for me – I’m a lover of all things old and vintage! Sam chimed in when my mom asked the shop owner where she could find an old typewriter, saying that she saw one in another shop just down the road. My mom thanked Sam and went on her way. A little time later, she ran into Sam again…and again and again. Each time, they conversed a little more, eventually sharing email and contact information. Though my mom’s search for a typewriter came up empty, she was gifted with a new friend.

My mom shared with me about her new writer-friend and I read Sam’s blog, discovering that her writing style and love for words matched my passion for expressing myself through writing as well. We kinda clicked, even though I was thousands of miles from her, in Los Angeles. We emailed back and forth and Sam shared with me about her dreams of writing for publications and one day seeing her name on the spine of a book. Just a week or so later, Sam emailed me saying that she had been approached about writing for a local magazine and while the opportunity was exciting, she was a little nervous about it. I assured her that she COULD DO IT and she has the writing chops to not only successfully contribute to this magazine, but this was exactly what she just told me she wanted!! She emailed the editor for the magazine and of course, he was impressed with her writing and now I can proudly introduce Sam as a contributor for the magazine, What Now!

Sam has been such an encouragement to me in her journey to becoming a published author. Her drive to grow, her passion for writing and her dreams to GO FOR IT have inspired me in my pursuit of my dreams. Thank you Sam, for being a part of my life and for taking the risk to do great work, even when the unknown can be quite scary.

Check out Sam’s work here:

Stories, Signed and Sealed

Sammy’s 30 Blogs Challenge

Feel free to leave a comment below for Sam — I know she will read this post!

– Kaci

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