Be Like Jessica: Do Something You Love!

Meet Jessica.

  • Owner of By A Wire Jewelry
  • Environmental Consultant turned Creative Jewelry Designer

I had the privilege of meeting Jessica last month, while on my visit to Louisiana. My mom had met Jessica a few weeks prior and of course, was eager to share her story with me. One of the first things I noticed when I met Jessica was her cool jewelry that she was wearing! It wasn’t long into our conversation that I realized her passion for her creative art and her amazing talent in crafting unique pieces. Jessica’s passion really showed not only in her jewelry, but there was a spark of light that glowed when she talked about her work. It wasn’t until I visited her website and read her bio, that I realized the source of her contagious joy.

This is an excerpt taken from her bio:

“My mom had been valiantly fighting cancer for three years when she finally lost her battle in 1996. For years people have always wanted to tiptoe around this, but this event shaped who I would grow up to be and how I view the world more than I ever realized. Seeing that kind of illness at a young age, experiencing the loss of a loved one, and seeing the amazing outpouring of support from friends and family left a strong impression on me. While I have noticed through the years the different ways this has played into my life, the most recent influence it has had was on career choice. I decided I would rather do something that I really love doing than slogging through a career that didn’t inspire me, after all, you never know how many days you have left to really enjoy things. Making jewelry has helped me reconnect with my mom’s creative and playful spirit, something that she certainly passed on to me but got lost for a time during daily duties of earning a living. I feel the creative juices of both of my parents flowing through my veins, it’s the fuel for my jewelry business. My dad has been a great mentor for me during starting my business and continues to be today. If you want to see some of both my early and current inspirations check out his shop” (italic and bold are my emphasis)

Check out Jessica’s jewelry at and you can read her full bio (I highly recommend it – its so inspirational) by clicking on her name in the left hand column.

I think we can all learn a thing or two from Jessica and her desire to create art that matters, art that makes a difference, art that means something, and art that is born of out such joy and passion. Thank you Jessica, for your willingness to do work that you love and for your inspiration to the rest of us to be brave enough to follow our hearts in creating great art.

– Kaci

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