Moving to a New Home!

Not a new physical home, although I have made that change recently, but a new web home!

As I delve deeper into my writing and creative works, I’ve built a new website that will be a hub for all things Kaci-Metzger-Related. As you know, my curious spirit and ever changing interests lead me down new and exciting paths constantly.

My blogs will now be posted at – be sure to scroll to the bottom of the homepage to subscribe to my blog postings and get them delivered right to your inbox. All of my past posts have been copied and transferred to their new home and from what I hear, they are loving it over there!

Be sure to check out my latest posting: Perfection is a Lie

You’ll see from the new site that I’m now working as a freelance creative consultant, offering my writing and web design services for those who need support and collaboration for their creative projects. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information! I’d love to hear about your creative endeavors and talk about ways we can work together.

Thank you for your support over the years and here’s to bigger, better, and more creative adventures 🙂

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