Welcome to Living Your Story!

I’m Kaci and that’s Rhonda. We are a mother.daughter team on a mission to bring to light the power of your personal story.

Have you ever read a book, watched a movie, saw a YouTube video, heard something on the radio and thought, “Wow that’s an awesome story?”

Chances are, yes you have.

We tend to think that a story is only a story if it’s publicly made known or in other words, kinda famous. But here’s the truth. You are a story. Your life is a story and while we may not all have a natural knack for creating unique “fiction” tales to entertain the masses, you are indeed an author.

This blog is part of our story, a piece of our journey through this thing we call life. The posts and commentary are meant to provoke thought and encourage you to think about yourself and the story you are writing with your life. You are the protagonist, the main character, of your story and the beautiful thing about this truth is the fact that you have a say in how your story goes and ultimately, the influence it will have on others and the rest of the world.

The people we feature on this blog have a story to share. As you will see, regardless of their circumstances and situations, they’ve made choices that have led them to the place they are today. Many of them are just like you. Our hope is that you will read their stories, check out their work, and be inspired by their lives.

Happy Reading, Happy Living and Happy Writing

– Kaci (and Rhonda)

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